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Day 1: Arrival early in the morning, head straight to bird Mabamba wetlands, afternoon transfer to Kibale Forest National park

After arrival, head out to Mabamba Wetlands on the shores of Lake Victoria. This is one of the few remaining swamps in the country protected by the local communities – an extensive papyrus swamp with its labyrinth of channels and lagoons, classified as an Important Bird Area, and home to several pairs of Shoebills, Uganda’s most famous avian resident. This charismatic monotypic species is certainly amongst the most sought-after birds in Africa, and we’ll make special efforts today to find it by paddling through the channels by boat. There will of course be a good selection of classic East African water birds, including Pink-backed Pelican,Long-tailed Cormorant, Goliath Heron, African Open-billed, Saddle-billed, and Marabou Storks, Hammerkop, White-faced Whistling-Duck, Yellow-billed Duck, African Fish-Eagle and many others. Later in the afternoon, we drive to Kibale Forest N.Park. Dinner  and overnight at Chimpanzee Guest House.

Day 2:  Bird Kibale forest National Park  

Birding in Kibale N.P is a delightful experience. We shall look for species such as Afep Pegion, Green-breasted Pitta, Joyful Greenbul, Grey-winged Robin, Grey-throated Flycatcher, Dark Backed Weaver,White Browed Crombec,Olive long Tailed Cuckoo,Yellow Mantled Weaver Emard Cuckoo. Masked and black-throated Apalises, Chestnut winged Starling, Orange-tufted and tiny sunbirds, White-collared Olive-back and many more. Lunch at the hotel. Go birding bigode swamp in the evening. Dinner and overnight as above.

Day 3:  Early morning  drive to Semliki National  park birding en-route.

Transfer to Semliki birding on the way . Dinner and overnight at Vanilla Lodge.

Day 4: Whole day Birding Kirumia Trail

After breakfast we will transfer to Semliki birding en-route. Having reached in the afternoon, you will check in at the lodge and head for evening birding. Look for species like Spot-Breasted Ibis, Hartlaub’s duck,Chestnut-flanked Goshawk, Long-tailed Hawk,  Nkurengu Rail, Western Bronze-naped  Pegion, Black-collared Lovebird, Yellow-throated Cuckoo,Red-Chested Owlet,Bates’ Nightjar, Chocolate-backed/ White-bellied and African Dwarf Kingfishers, White-crested/ Blackbilled Dwarf/Red-Billed Dwarf Hornbills, Piping and Black-wattled Hornbills, Red-rumped Tinkerbird, Spotted/Lyre-tailed and Zenker’s Honeyguides ,African Piculet, Gabon Wood pecker ,Red-sided Broadbill, White-throated blue Swallow, Green-tailed Bristlebill, Xavier’s, Swamp, Simple and Eastern Bearded Greenbuls, Yellow-throated Nicator,Capuchin Babbler, Nothern bearded Scrub Robin,Forest and Grey ground Thrushes,Lemon-bellied Crombec, Brown-crowned Eremomela. Blue-headed Crested Flycatcher, Ituri Batis, Red-billed Helmet-Shrike,Fiery-breasted Bush-shrike, Black-winged Oriole, Chestnut-winged Starling, Orange-tufted Sunbird, Maxwell’s Black Weaver, Blue-billed, Crested and Red-bellied Malimbes,Plae-Fronted and Chestnut-breasted Negrofinches, Grant’s blue bill and many more. Dinner and overnight as above.

Day 5: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

After breakfast we will transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park birding en-route through the northern side of Rwenzori Mts that are dry Savanna woodland and later bird along the edge of the Park later check in at the lodge in evening. Dinner and overnight at Bush Lodge.

Day 6: Early morning game drive, afternoon boat trip.

After breakfast, a morning game drive and birding will be ideal. Lunch at the lodge and go for the boat launch on Kazinga Channel in the afternoon where we shall see a variety of wild life and bird life as well. A variety of game such as hundreds of hippos, crocodiles will be viewed. Other animals like Elephants, Buffaloes, Uganda Kob, Bush buck, Warthog will include Green-backed heron, Yellow billed stork, Saddle billed Stork, African spoonbill, martial eagle, African Skimmer, grey headed gull, grey, purple and goliath herons, black Crake, African Crake, Common quail and Rufous-naped lark. Late in the evening after the boat we head for an evening drive for Night jars. Dinner and overnight as above.

Day 7: Transfer to Bwindi National Park via Ishasha sector.

Early morning transfer to Bwindi  N.Park via Ishasha and we shall have our lunch on the way. At Ishasha, We shall see a variety of Game including climbing lions, Elepahnts Buffaloes and other game. Having reached in the evening , we shall bird around the hotel on arrival in the evening for species like Blue quail, African Crake, Ross’s Turaco, Jackson’s Pipit, Red-headed lovebird, Cassin’s Flycatcher, Black bee-eater,White-backed,Lappet Faced,Ruppel’s,White headed,Palmnut Vultures,Martial,Wahlbergs,Weterh Bandedsneck,A.Fish Egales, Shining Blue King fisher have our dinner and spend a night at Bwindi view bandas.

Day 8: Early morning bird Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

After Breakfast, bird along the main trail for species like Red-throated Alethe, Archer’s Robin chat, Kivu Ground Thrush, Montane Masked Apalis, Short-tailed Wabler, Red-faced Woodland Warbler, Yellow-eyed Black Flycatcher, Western Bronze-naped Pegion,Dusky and Olive Long-tailed Cuckoos,Fraser’s Eagle owl, Montane( Rwenzori)Nightjar, Bar-tailed Trogon,Black bee-eater,Willcock’s honeyguide, Fine-banded and Elliot’s Woodpeckers, Grey-chested and Mountain Illadopses, White bellied Robin-Chat, Oberlander’s Ground Thrush, Black-faced Rofous Warbler, Chapin’s Flycatcher, Many-coloured Bush-Shrike,Brown-capped Weaver, Red-fronted Antpecker ,Ansorge’s.Carmeron Somber, Redtailed,Yellow Whiskered Little Greenbuls,Green throted,Grey Headed ,Green Headed, Bluethroted Brown,Bronze Green, Little Green Olive(western) Sunbirds and Oriole-Finch. Later after lunch transfer to Ruhizha via “the neck” birding en-route. Dinner and overnight at Tavern Trekkers.

Day 9:  Whole day birding Mubwindi swamp.

After early breakfast, we will walk down with packed lunch to Mubwindi swamp looking for specials like the green Broabill, Grauer’s Rush warbler,Evergreen Forest Warbler,  Dwarf Honey-guide,Grey Chested Illadopsis, Cabanis’s Greenbul, Mt.Greenbul,Sharps Barred Long Tailed Cuckoo, Starling, Oriole Finch,the incredible Purple-breasted Sunbird,Slender-billed, Wallers, Narrow-tailed and Stuhlmann’s Satarlings,Dusky, Red-faced, Abyssynian and Shelleys Crimsonwings, Strange weaver  and many other specials. Dinner and overnight as above.

Day 10:  Transfer to Lake Mburo

Depart for Lake Mburo National Park  birding en-route. Dinner and overnight at Rwakobo Camp.

Day 11: Early morning boat for the African finfoot and later transfer to Entebbe.

After an early breakfast, we will take an early morning boat ride in search of African Finfoot and other water birds. Our highlight will be Brown-chested Plover, Spot-Flanked, Red-faced and White Headed Barbets, Coqui’s and Red winged Francolin, Greater/Lesser Honey Guides, Marico/Scaret Chested/Variable/Copper Sunbirds, Greater Blue Eared Starling, White-Winged Warbler, Trilling cisticola, Carruthers’ Cisticola, Papyrus Gonolek, Sulpher Breasted Bush Shrike, Tabora cistcola, white winged tit, African pendurine tit, Nubian wood pecker, Black Billed Wood Dove Green backed pecker, Yellow-billed Oxpecker and Northern Brown –throated. After lunch drive back to Entebbe. Dinner and overnight at Central inn Hotel or evening return flight.

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