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Day 1: Murchison Falls National Park

From Kampala, you will head to Murchison Falls National Park. This Park is Uganda’s largest national park. It harbors a chunk of feral African savannah flora and fauna along side mighty river Nile. It is named after magnificent Murchison Falls, where the world’s longest river plunges thunderously through a narrow gorge in the Rift Valley escarpment to plunge into a fizzing pool 43 meters below. Wildlife populations have largely recovered from the poaching of the 1980-ties, in the rich grassland to the north of the Nile, elephant, buffalo, giraffe and a variety of antelope are frequently encountered on game drives, while lion are seen with increasing frequency. In the southeast, Rabongo forest is home to chimps and other rainforest creatures. The Victoria Nile itself harbors one of Africa’s densest hippo and crocodile populations, and a dazzling variety of water birds including the world’s most accessible wild population of the rare shoebill tork. Dinner and overnight at Paraa safari lodge or Nile safari camp (luxury), Sambiya River lodge (moderate), Red Chillis camp (budget) (full board).

Day 2: The launch cruise along the River Nile

Take a cup of coffee or tea to warm up for the morning, then set off for a game drive on the northern bank of the Nile river. You expect encounters of the Rothschild’s giraffe, Jackson hartebeest, elephant, lions, waterbucks and a variety of savannah woodland birds. Return to your lodge for mid morning breakfast and lunch. In the afternoon, you will go for a launch cruise on the Victoria Nile. The boat ride takes you to the bottom of the fall. Along the ride you will encounter hippos, crocodiles, and many other savannah wild life taking water. For those interested in birds, watch out for the legendary shoebill stork if you are lucky and many other bird species. Return to your lodge for dinner and overnight at Paraa safari lodge or Nile safari camp (luxury), Sambiya River lodge (moderate), Red Chillis camp (budget) (full board).

Day 3: Another game drive and Chimpanzee Tracking at KaniyoPabidi

Early morning game drive on the northern bank. Your guide will help you spot elephant, lion, cape buffalo, Rothschild’s giraffe, hartebeest, waterbuck, oribi, bushbuck, bohor reedbuck, hyena and if you are lucky, the leopard. After a packed lunch picnic, go for a boat safari upstream the calm Victoria Nile to the base of the falls stopping just tens of meters from the “Devil’s Cauldron”. En route, marvel at the toothsome hippos, crocodiles and over this 17 km stretch you may see elephant, waterbuck and Uganda kob.

This is also a zone of many bird species like Goliath heron, Egyptian goose, pelican bee-eater, kingfisher, hornbill, cormorant and the rare shoebill stork. After taking shots of photogenic Murchison Falls, return for breakfast and lunch and then in the afternoon you will head to KaniyoPabidi for chimpanzee tracking. The rangers will help you search for these chimps as they also give you information about the other primates that you will en counter. Return to your lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Fort portal, Kibale National Park. Transfer to Kibale National Park.

It is the most accessible of Uganda’s major rainforests and yet home to remarkable 13 primate species, including the very localized red colobus and L’Hoest’s monkey. You will have the opportunity to track habituated chimps. These delightful apes, more closely related to humans than to any other living creature, are awesome to watch as they bicker and have fun in fruiting trees. A network of shady forest trails provides much to glee botanists and butterfly lovers, while birders are in for a fragility with 335 species recorded including the endemic Prirogrine’s ground thrush. The elusive forest elephant, smaller and hairier than its savannah counterpart, budges seasonally into the industrial part of the park, while other earthly mammals include buffalo, giant forest hog and a half dozen antelope species. Retire for dinner and overnight at Ndali lodge (luxury), Mountains of the moon lodge (moderate) or Rwenzori view guest house or Ataco Chimps nest (budget) (full board).

Day 5: Kibale National Park

Spend half of the day searching for chimpanzees and 10 other primates species including L’Hoest’s monkey, red colobus, blues, red tailed and gray-cheeked mangabey. The guide will provide detailed explanations, not only on primates, but on all the forest fauna and flora and will ensure that your walk is both informative and enjoyable. This walk is excellent for viewing bird life and seeing primates at close quarters. Take lunch and then in the afternoon, you will go for a swamp walk in Bigodi swamp a community owned incentive.

Retire for dinner and overnight your lodge.

Day 6: Queen Elizabeth National park

Take breakfast and then transfer to Queen Elizabeth National park. A game drive en route may be rewarded with views of lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo, hyena and a variety of antelope species. Check in and relax as you wait for time for a unique 2 hour boat cruise on the Kazinga channel and into lake Edward. This trip passes through possibly the highest concentration of hippos and many animals may be seen drinking at the water’s edge. This launch cruise offers an excellent platform for photography, bird watching and game viewing. The prolific bird life is colorful and stupendous with well over 550 resident species. Dinner and overnight stay at Mweya safari lodge (luxury), Jacana safari lodge or Kyambura wildlife lodge (moderate), Albertine River camp (budget).

Day 7: Game Drive

Wake up early in the morning for a game drive to search for the early risers. Queen Elizabeth National Park’s diverse eco-system of grassy plains, tropical forest, rivers, swamps, lakes and volcanic craters is home to an incredible abundance of wildlife. Game drives in this park, with the massive Rwenzoris as a backdrop provides excellent opportunities to see lion, leopard, giant forest hog, cape buffalo, elephants, defassa waterbuck, Uganda kob, topi and bush buck. These two game drives and the boat trip (taken prior) are a memorable method of discovering a vast array of Ugandan wildlife. Dinner cruise at Jacana lodge and overnight stay at the lodge of your budget.

Day 8: Kyambura Gorge

An early morning walk in the spectacular Kyambura Gorge provides excellent  pportunities to see chimpanzees, L’Hoest’s monkey, red colobus, black and white colobus and more. After lunch, return to the Mweya area for another exciting and scintillating game drive. Dinner and overnight stay at your lodge.

Day 9: Queen Elizabeth National Park

Early morning transfer to Ishasha Area of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Ishasha is home to the famous tree-climbing lions and the large herds of game. The scenic beauty, the size of the euphorbias and combination of riverine forest, savannah plain and equatorial forest makes this a memorable day, only found in Africa. Dinner and overnight stay at Ishasha wilderness camp (luxury), lodge in Ishasha (budget).

Day 10: Game Drives

Morning and afternoon game drives in the Ishasha plains. Search for tree climbing lions and then latter have dinner and overnight at your lodge.

Day 11: Bwindi National Park

Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable Park, home to the mountain gorillas. This morning, you will leave for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. You will again travel through the seasonal southern sector of Queen Elizabeth called Ishasha. Here we will take lunch by the Ishasha River and try to find the famed Ishasha tree-climbing lions before continuing to Bwindi, home to the few remaining mountain gorillas. Bird life and primate life in Bwindi is quite superb, and there is an incredible variety of flora. Bwindi is the bird watchers heaven! It holds 348 species of birds and supports 24 of 26 Albertine Rift endemics that occur in Uganda, and seven red data book species. Once continuous with the forests of the Virunga Volcanoes (Dian Fossey’s stomping ground), Bwindi is now an ecological island, surrounded by cultivation on the rich volcanic soils. Overnight at Buhoma Homestead or Gorilla Resort camp or Gorilla Forest (luxury), Lake Kitandara (moderate), Buhoma  ommunity Bandas (budget) (full board).

Day 12: Bwindi National Park

Uganda Gorillas.Early morning entry into gorilla sanctuary. This rainforest is spectacular. It offers a dramatic steeply forested landscape and is incredibly dense, but crisscrossed by numerous animal trails allowing access to tourists. Mammals recorded include the endangered mountain gorilla, rare golden monkey, buffalo, elephant, black-fronted duiker, bushbuck, leopard, giant forest log and others. This park is best known for the fascinating gorillas. The time taken and the terrain varies according to the movements of this marvelous primates. The thrill of spending time and observing the gorillas is a rare, moving, awesome and exciting adventure. The gorilla is a shy and peaceful animal and it is unforgettable experience to watch and photograph them as they interact. Dinner and overnight at your lodge.

Day 13: Forest walk in Bwindi and later transfer to lake Mutanda

After breakfast you will proceed on a forest walk to see more of what Bwindi Impenetrable Forest has to offer. Later travel to Kisoro for dinner and overnight stay at Nkuringo safari lodge or Clouds lodge (luxury), Nkuringo safari Center (budget).

Day 14: Hike the Gahinga

Transfer to Rwanda. Parc des Volcanoes. You will have to hike the Gahinga and Virunga. Then later transfer to Rwanda. Lying in the northern part of Rwanda Parc National Des Volcans are looms up to almost 15000 feet, and nearly covered with rich, green rainforest. Situated in the far northwest of Rwanda the most notable amongst these is the “the Virungas”, and is inhabited by Rwanda’s most prized endowment – the endangered mountain gorillas. Half the world’s population of gorillas can be found in these mountains. The 1994 genocide and war greatly hurt the tourism sector of the economy, however due to diligent work by the government this has first become the leading industry. Dinner and overnight at Virunga lodge (luxury), Gorilla nest lodge (moderate), KinigiMuhabura lodge (budget) (full board).

Day 15: Gorilla Tracking

Gorilla tracking in ParcNationales des Volcans in Rwanda.Two amazing chances to see the fascinating, but seriously endangered gorillas. Dinner and overnight stay at Mgahinga Safari lodge or Vrunga lodge.

Day 16: Kigali Airport. Transfer to Kigali airport to catch your flight back home.

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