Pamoja Tours & Travel

Pamoja Tours and Travel was incorporated in 2013 as a limited company to provide tour and travel services to businesses and the general public.  The Company was founded by “Sperito Mukiibi” who inspires people of diverse cultures to love and explore Nature. Since incorporation, we have served scores of corporate and individual clients in diverse sectors, ranging from profit-oriented concerns to welfare-based international NGOs and government agencies. PTTL aims to establish a reputation of quality and professionalism in the Tourism and Transportation industry. Over the past years, a large clientele of satisfied customers, utilizing PTTL’s safari packages and transportation services on a repeated client.

Pamoja Tours and Travel is a partner member with SAFARIBOOKINGS.COM which is the largest online marketing place for African Safari holidays.

Our services range in a direct response to the client’s demands, problems, prospects, and aspirations.  We pride ourselves in providing the finest Safari packages and transportation services in Uganda. Accordingly, the following are the main services we offer to our clients:


To offer quality Safari packages and transportation services with credibility & transparency to meet standards and develop the Transportation and Tourism industry as we go discovering the beauty of nature.


To be the most preferred Safari and transportation agency with safe and comfortable services that meet and exceed the expectation of our clients.

PTTL is built on the following core values:

  • Transparency
  •  Professionalism
  •  Timely delivery
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility

Our Company Slog:

When we promise to deliver, this is what we mean: “Doing exactly what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it”

Why Choose Pamoja Tours and Travel limited?

5% of the profits go to charity. Pamoja gives back to the community through its 5% share of the profits to outstanding vulnerable and marginalized people in an organized association, NGOs etc. Reliability and trustworthy. Pamoja is credited with trustworthy and reliable Tour guides who are determined to work together with you to deliver quality services. Comfortable safe mileage. Pamoja aims at providing the most comfortable safe mileage to its clients so as to meet their satisfaction. Hospitable employees with a broader knowledge about Uganda. Meet our hospitable guides all determined to make it to your travel destination. The guides are fluent English speakers. Affordable quality services. Pamoja exists to offer pocket friendly safari packages which are of a good quality to suite your taste and preference.